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8-Wire High-Speed Installation Standard Procedures and Requirements:

8-Wire, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as any other person or entity doing business as 8-Wire High-Speed Wireless Internet (“8-Wire High-Speed”), strives to provide, through its 8-Wire High-Speed product, the highest quality High-Speed internet service (“Service”) to each of its Customers.
8-Wire High-Speed has adopted these installation standard procedures and requirements (this “Policy”) in advancement of that goal.

All Customers and others who use the Service (“Customer(s)", "you" or "your") must comply with this Policy. Your failure to comply with the terms outlined in this Policy may result in the suspension or cancellation of Service.
Use of the Service constitutes an agreement to abide by this Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement.
As a condition of receiving the Service, Customer agrees to the following:

The location of the antenna at the Premises of Service (“Premises”) will be determined by 8-Wire High-Speed in its sole discretion and based on the availability of a line-of-sight to the transmitting/receiving antenna and satisfactory signal strength.
8-Wire High-Speed Standard installation practice (“Standard installation”) includes mounting the antenna via a bent-arm (J-Arm) bracket to the exterior of the building on the Premises.
Standard installation includes affixing cable to the building exterior from the antenna location around the building exterior via the most efficient route, and through the exterior wall to the interior location nearest Customer’s computer equipment.
Standard installation includes 8-Wire High-Speed standard attachment hardware to affix the antenna mount and cable to the exterior of the building on the Premises.
Standard installation includes only configuring Customer’s existing installed computer hardware for Ethernet connectivity to the Service.
Any and all additional materials or labor required to complete installation of the Service are not included in the Standard installation and therefore may be billable items.
Upon assessment of the Premises to determine an installation plan, the installation technician will consult with Customer regarding the required location of the antenna, most efficient route for the cable run to the interior of the Premises, and the method of attachment of the antenna and cable to the Premises.
Should the installation plan require services other that those included in Standard installation, or if customer requests installation beyond Standard installation, fees (“Non-standard installation fees”) in excess of the amount charged by 8-Wire High-Speed for Standard installation will be incurred by Customer.
Non-standard installation practices include, but are not limited to, running cable through an attic or crawlspace, running cable along a path other than the above referenced most efficient path, the use of special or non-standard attachment hardware to affix the antenna mount and cable to the Premises or mounting the antenna on a mast or other support device either attached to or separate from the Premises.
The installation technician will advise Customer of the Non-standard installation practices and the cost for the installation technician to perform same.
If Customer agrees to Non-standard installation fees, Customer shall indicate his/her agreement to payment of the additional fees by initialing the applicable space on the 8-Wire High-Speed High-Speed Internet Service Agreement.
8-Wire High-Speed technicians are not permitted to perform work on a Customer’s roof, dig trenches, climb poles or perform other laborious or hazardous work to facilitate installation.
If the Premises of Service require a mounting location or method necessitating the aforementioned types of activity, such work must be performed by Customer or their representative, at Customer’s sole cost.
In some cases, Customer’s computer will require additional equipment or software installation, updates or reconfiguration to enable it to connect to the Service.
This may include network adapters, Windows Updates, and/or other software/hardware. Installation and configuration of these items must be performed by Customer or Customer’s representative, at Customer’s sole cost.
In all instances, the decision of the installation technician as to mounting location, methods, materials, suitability, etc. is definitive.
Customer shall have the opportunity to express opinions, requests and alternatives to the installation plan only during the initial consultation with the installation technician regarding the installation plan.
In the case of a disagreement between Customer and the installation technician, Customer’s sole option shall be to terminate the installation.
Under 8-Wire High-Speed policies, the installer has discretion in the circumstance of disagreement with Customer to terminate the installation.
In the case of termination of installation by either party, Customer agrees to pay labor charges at the rate of $85.00 per hour for the amount of time that the installation technician spent in furtherance of the terminated installation. There is a minimum ½ hour charge for labor costs ($42.50).
If the installation is terminated by either party, and Customer desires an installation be performed at another time, there will be no credit given to Customer for labor charges paid by Customer for the terminated installation.

Service Fees:
Service Fees are as follows: Relocate / move service - $99.00 + materials if applicable
Service Call - $50.00 pre an hour. There is a minimum 1 hour charge + materials if applicable

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